A girl from Aitos is dancing on the largest building in the world

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Bulgarian acrobats from the project Kinetix - "Kanetiks" that perform complex acrobatic dance choreography on the facades of buildings,

became the biggest attraction of the world-famous Asian casino The Venetian ("Venetian") in Macao, China announced jenatadnes.com. Among the members of the unique band is 20-year Mirena Gencheva from Aitos.

For a month and a half the visitors of a huge luxury resort The Venetian Macao enjoyed the unique daily air performances of "Kanetiks". Approximately 100,000 number of tourists visit the complex daily.

A similar acrobatics in the sky is presenting for the first time in the world. A founder and artistic director of the project "Kanetiks" is Sirma Dobreva, better known as the woman rubber.

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