Funkallero attack Bourgas

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Group Funkallero returned to Bourgas after two years to submit to the Bourgas audience its new gig, which will take place on January 29th, Thursday at the chamber hall Zeno Kandov (Puppet Theatre).


Established in 2011, Funkallero unites musicians of different orbits, but the same taste in the music. The group performs music of its creator - pianist and composer Vasil Spasov, who after returning from the US, where he studied at the prestigious Berklee College becomes engine and supporter of a number of successful projects.

The group includes two other returnees in the face of saxophonist Dimitar Liolev, ending jazz and composition in the Netherlands and the famous guitarist Miro Ivanov, recently returned from the United Kingdom. Rhythm core of the composition combines the bright presence of the unique bass guitarist known from "Hi-Time" Radoslav Slavchev combined with iron drummer Georgi Markov, the son of the famous member of "Crickets" Sturcite.

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